We are a fiercely independent firm, specialising solely in two distinct areas – defending false allegations and wrongful convictions in one of the most complex, misunderstood and anxiety-provoking areas of criminal law; Rape, Sexual Assault, Historical Allegations and all other Sexual Offences. Our mission to focus on premium high-quality legal work, committed to always putting the Client at the forefront of every decision. Founded on the principles of treating our Clients fairly.


Our integrity is to provide the minimum inconvenience, to offer our Clients a legal service that combined expert legal knowledge in all aspects of a Client’s case in order to plan, execute and manage a tailored defense whether it before trial, at trial or appeal, with the best quality Client care. At every stage our team will and can help ease the pressure on you and your loved ones. Supporting you and your family is important to us.


We are here to assist in individual cases for people who really want our help and input and who face or who have been convicted of a false allegation of any type of sexual criminal offence whether it is before going to a criminal trial or to the criminal appeal courts.

Specialising only in cases involving false allegations or wrongful convictions of Rape or any other Sexual Offence, we help individuals who really are innocent and want our input and who are being falsely accused or have suffered a wrongful conviction or a miscarriage of justice.

If you or a loved one has been falsely accused or wrongly convicted of Rape or any other Our service is only available to people who are facing or defending a false allegation or wrongful conviction case in England and Wales. We also strongly believe we are perfectly placed to be the partner of choice as we are a specialist boutique firm providing a nationwide premium service.


Please understand that our role is in the capacity of a trial and appeal consultants, criminal defense strategists and criminal defence investigators, Legal Enquiry Agents and not that of a private investigator.

It is important to understand and we would also like to make something very clear, we are not a solicitors or barristers and nothing here should be taken or considered as legal advise nor should anyone believe that we are trained, authorised or licensed to work or practice as a solicitor or barrister. We are Expert Consultants and Legal Enquiry Agents in this complex field.

Our aim is to give you sound direct help and put you in contact with the right legal advisors, experienced Solicitors and Barristers and experts quickly so you can begin to receive quality legal advice without delay. Our advisors, experts and investigators have many years of proven experience in dealing with false accusations and wrongful convictions in all Sexual Offence matters.

We are not here to reassure anyone that we can predict the future, we can’t, however we believe that our commitment to the falsely accused and wrongly convicted is demonstrated every day through our promise to go above and beyond our legal obligations, our team offers only three guarantees, absolute discretion, the highest possible professional standards giving 100% to our clients, and by operating our own business in a sustainable manner by helping and advising our clients once instructed.


If you or a loved one has been falsely accused or wrongly convicted of Rape or any other Sexual Offence then the information contained within this website and further information we supply based on your matter will not benefit anyone fortunate enough to have obtained quality and caring legal representation and, for all practical purposes, even reading our literature would be a waste of time (which would take about an hour out of the readers life).

Professionally and ideologically there is no reason why we should feel uncomfortable about its position. The principle of innocent until proven guilty, is imbedded in British justice and whilst one could argue that the decisions of Courts should be respected they cannot claim a monopoly on the truth, or on wisdom – otherwise there would be no need for an Appeal Court. Our work does not involve as acting as judge and jury but rather to accept that vast numbers of people, who each year are found guilty in our Courts, are indeed factually innocent, and deserve our help. People have an inalienable right to maintain their innocence if indeed they are innocent.

Many accused people believe their case will be resolved quickly. Some are not concerned because they know they are innocent and have done nothing wrong. Some think justice will honestly prevail. Some want to wait and see if the expenditure is really necessary. Many find that the cost of attempting to deal with a false allegation or reversing a conviction not worth it but it can be far more costly than if they had done things correctly the first time. Life on the Sex Offenders register is a very high price to pay. Some are in a panic, not thinking rationally and grasping at straws.

If you are one of the rare individuals who has a real defence and a competent and caring solicitor and or barrister you may want to refer them to several pages within this website and further information we supply that could well assist them.

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