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Client care is at the heart of our quality drive, as with all forms of business, the client must and does come first. We concentrate on building a true partnership with our client, carefully evaluating all their investigative requirements, delivering a service that is genuinely tailored to their needs, establishing and maintaining a good working relationship throughout the service life and ensuring that they receive full satisfaction. Providing a quality service for our client’s means setting performance standards for every part of our service.

Such an approach to quality cannot be separated from the other elements of the service we provide. Equally, it is not an activity that we seek to pursue on our own. It requires involvement, evaluation and feedback from you, our clients, at all stages. As things change it also needs to be progressive in purpose and design. The delivery of this process must be monitored, maintained, reviewed, and improved on via a process that provides complete action should any problems occur. We feel that only by ensuring that the closest supervision takes place with individual accountability, we will as a professional firm provide our clients with “Peace of Mind”.

Please remember that we can only deal with False Allegations and Wrongful Convictions for Criminal Trials and Criminal Appeals, and Miscarriage of Justice cases.


All services supplied are in accordance with the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 andFalsely Accused Ltd will:

  • Provide that service with a reasonable amount of care and attention, with the correct quality standards.
  • Being Professional Legal Enquiry Agents we understand completely the need for confidentiality and sensitivity and guarantee both.
  • To abide by our Governing Bodies “Code of Practice” and to abide by our own “Code of Conduct” along with our own Operating Policy.
  • To make all relevant enquiries, which we feel, are applicable to the falsely accused case in a lawful manner.
  • To abide by The Private Security Industry Act 2001 and the Criminal Procedures Investigations Act 1996 and any other Act of law applicable to our business.
  • To work in an efficient manner with due care and to carry out our work within a reasonable time frame within our control.
  • To assist the Falsely Accused in locating legal representation.
  • To assist the instructing solicitor regarding a trial and appeal (if directed that an appeal is possible).
  • To take instructions from the Falsely Accused or Wrongly Convicted person that may be deemed necessary upon us taking legal advice.

Falsely Accused Ltd has a policy of strict compliance with laws, which are applicable to its business, wherever conducted. In some instances, law and regulations may be ambiguous and difficult to interpret. In such cases we would seek legal advice to which we have access in order to assure that we are in compliance with this policy and are observing all applicable laws and regulations. Compliance with the law means not only observing the law, but also conductingFalsely Accused Ltd business affairs so that we will deserve and receive recognition as a law-abiding firm.

All data processed will be in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Code of Conduct

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