Consequences Of False Sexual Accusations

Accusations of sexual assault (such as rape or child abuse) are very serious and should never be taken lightly. The problem is that far too many people use accusations of sexual assault for their own gain. In other words, many people have been known to fling false accusations of sexual assault at someone to “get even” for some wrong they feel they have been done. Retribution in sexual offence cases can hold serious consequences for both the person being accused and the complainant.

False Sexual Accusations have become part of the compensation culture. True victims of a sexual crime should not get compensated financially. This we believe via our own research is probably one of the main reasons why there are so many false allegations in sexual offence cases. The compensation is that the true offender goes to prison!


The person who is falsely accused of a sexual offence (whether major or minor) may well never recover from the serious damage that the accuser does to the accused reputation. Anonymity is not afforded to the Accused however it is to the Complainant! Even when the accusations are proven false, people often have the thought of the accusation in the back of their minds. That means that the falsely accused person will have lifetime repercussions because of a lie. No matter what a person has done in their lives, they should never have to deal with being falsely accused of sexual offence.

There are further consequences for the person that has been falsely accused as well. For instance, that person will likely have to pay for a good specialist defence team, which can be expensive. They will probably be suspended from work and in some cases lose their jobs over something that isn’t true. They then may have to spend sometime in a courtroom facing a jury who decides their fate on what the accuser has said. After all is said and done, the falsely accused person could end up going to prison if the jury believe the case is true.


We prefer to us the word “Complainant” rather than the word “Victim” as this word insinuates the allegation happened. When someone accuses someone else falsely of a sexual offence the accuser usually wants some kind of retribution and what ends up happening is a long cycle of lies that will eventually catch up to the person who has lied about the allegation (this is known as the “snowball effect”). The consequences of this can be anything from broken families and friendships to being arrested for the false accusations, although the lie can take years to uncover and by this time it could be to late.

False accusations destroy lives on a very deep level. The person falsely accused will go through the rest of his/her life being treated, by some, as though they actually had committed the crime. They could end up losing family and friends who believe the accusation. Don’t take any chances, get a specialist defence team.

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