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Prior to beginning any criminal case, a critical issue will be, does your legal team have the right expertise? The individual selected to represent the accused in court will, for all practical purposes, have the accused entire life and future in the palm of their hands. The question becomes, “What will they do with it? “Basic legal aid Solicitors and Barristers are under enormous pressure and consequently can rarely afford the time to prioritise and effectively investigate or re-investigate these complex cases. That combination may attempt to respond to the Prosecution’s case, but where is the defence? There is not much of one – that is one of the reason’s why there are so many innocent people in prison today. This information is vital to the falsely accused or wrongly convicted in reaching an overall decision as to whether they are being properly represented or not. If you suddenly find yourself crippled with a heart attack, an event that could quickly and easily end your life, do you run to a general practice medical doctor or to a cardiologist; a specialist in the treatment of heart related problems? If your life is really important to you, obviously, you look for the best. The consequences of a life threatening heart attack is no less serious than being confronted with a false allegation; as a result, you look for the “cardiologist,” or “specialist” in false allegations and not the general practitioner. If you have been falsely accused of lets say rape, murder, or serious fraud, by far, one of the most important decisions you will be faced with is the selection of the proper defence team to represent you, a task that may seem easy, but in reality can prove to be very difficult.

We strongly believe we are perfectly placed to be the partner of choice as we are a specialist firm providing a nationwide premium service in one of the most complex, misunderstood and anxiety-provoking areas of criminal law.


  • To help those who wish to secure our services enabling them to factually prove that they are indeed innocent of a false accusation or a wrongful conviction of any serious criminal offence.

  • We will never let a client feel that they are being controlled. Very simply put, when we work for a client, we work for them.

  • Most people who have been falsely accused or wrongly convicted have lost all trust of the legal profession due to being let down or lied to. We will never lie and we will never let anyone down. “We mean what we say, and do what we mean”. We will never give false hopes.

  • Being totally transparent and up front about what we do, that’s why we believe that our commitment to the falsely accused and wrongly convicted is demonstrated every day through our promise to go above and beyond our legal obligations.

  • We will help those accused upon securing our services find experienced Solicitors and Barristers and put them in touch quickly so the accused can begin to receive expert legal advice without delay.

  • We are not politicians or police officers; we have absolutely no problem going after anyone when conducting an investigation regardless of who they are although we will always remain within the realms of the law.

  • Our closed directory contains the most prestigious Solicitors and Barristers in England and Wales who are ready to hear the accused case and give them the expert legal advice they deserve.

Please note: We do not advertise any solicitors or barristers on our website.

Our philosophy is very simple. We are not politically motivated. When we work for a client our loyalty is strictly to them. Our goal regarding a false or wrongful allegation is to prepare and provide enough evidence so that, not only is the allegation reversed, but we are able to completely destroy the Prosecution’s case, hopefully resulting in a dismissal of all charges and to seek real and final conclusions through our efforts and not just temporary solutions.

 The real key to defending these types of cases properly is through knowledge and experience of the English legal system. Our purpose is to represent those who are innocent, for whom no real proof exists that they are, indeed a criminal.

Once instructed we will guide and help the accused, their family, friends and supporters resist those who wish to prosecute the accused and for them to abide by the law in dealing with the accused in a humane manner.

Our primary goal is to keep this site very simple, easy to understand and to supply our clients with crucial information that will truly assist them, as we believe it is invaluable to someone who has been charged or convicted of a Serious Criminal Offence and that they believe is a false allegation or a wrongful conviction.

The literature within this website and other literature supplied by us is written with no political bias or preference to sexuality, race, creed, colour, religion, and age and from whatever walk of life. The opinions expressed within that literature are our own. The advice and literature we supply to our clients places a huge emphasis on prevention rather than cure. We have also tried our utmost to avoid any legal jargon as to make this easy to read

We have and will continue to use the utmost care to ensure and maintain the accuracy, completeness and currency of information published and requested by our clients.

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