Reversing Wrongful Convictions

Below is a comprehensive checklist of all documents that are required to assist your appeal:

  • Trial Transcript (full set)
  • Court of Appeal Judgement (if there has been an appeal)
  • Judge's summing up
  • Indictment (charge sheet)
  • Unused Prosecution witness statements
  • Secondary Disclosure Schedule
  • Primary Disclosure Schedule
  • Prosecution exhibits
  • Notices of additional evidence
  • Prosecution witness statements
  • Unused Prosecution exhibits
  • Custody Record
  • Cassettes of interviews
  • Any videos
  • Record of previous convictions
  • Record of Prosecution witnesses' previous convictions
  • Forensic reports
  • Brief(s) to Defence Counsel
  • Defence Case Statement
  • Defendant’s statement
  • Defence witness statements
  • Defence exhibits, e.g. photographs
  • Solicitor’s correspondence file
  • Advice on evidence
  • Clerk’s trial notes

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