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Falsely Accused Ltd believe that our commitment to the falsely accused and wrongly convicted is demonstrated every day through our promise to go above and beyond our legal obligations, our experience in investigating, preparing a defence strategy and consulting on false allegation cases and by assisting in the reversing a wrongful conviction for the falsely accused is due absolute discretion, the highest possible professional standards and working alongside highly qualified solicitors and barristers.

We also strongly believe we are perfectly placed to be the partner of choice as we are a boutique firm providing a nationwide premium service.

Selection of these solicitors and barristers from England and Wales and has been divided into specialist practice fields. When reviewing the performance of a firm of Solicitors and/or Barrister’s Chambers we use various criteria. Our assessment will be influenced by all of the things that make the complete practice in this very specialist area of our legal system. These include:

  • Most prestigious Solicitors and Barristers.
  • In-depth capability beyond partner level.
  • Very strong technical ability available for the most complex work.
  • Capacity for the biggest cases.
  • Historical track record on top cases.
  • Reputation for handling complex, innovative cases.
  • Capacity to handle all client requirements.


We have ensured that we have contacted a statistically valid sample of leading Solicitors and Barristers, highly ranked in dealing with pre-trial preparation, trials and criminal appeals.

We invite those Solicitors and Barristers to provide information on their specialist areas of practice, and request specific details of work undertaken in the preceding year (some of which will be confidential and not in the public domain). This approach gives us a standard level and quality of data, which, in turn, enables us to benchmark legal service providers with more precision and more assurance.

As a firm dealing with these cases, our goal is very simple. We prepare a complete defence for the client as fast and as thoroughly as possible. Hopefully, that defence will be adequate to prevent a Prosecutor from going forward with their case. In the event they do, our preparation then becomes the cornerstone of the defence the Barrister will present. The total time we spend is a direct reflection of exactly what is required to resolve the matter. We do not “waste” time, but we will not take any shortcuts. Shortcuts are deadly serious and mistakes can easily result in lengthy prison terms, as people wishing to appeal their conviction will understand this.

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