How We Work

1. Read the entire case papers, and interview the accused.

2. Based upon our knowledge of the case, we lay out the following plans:

3. We then brief the accused instructing solicitor and or barrister with all the necessary information to accomplish the accused goals.We then brief the accused instructing solicitor and or barrister with all the necessary information to accomplish the accused goals.


Alibis and the exposure of inconsistent statements do not win serious offence cases. A jury can be very forgiving of someone who makes an allegation of a serious nature and those witnesses who give evidence of the accuser’s behalf. The jury can believe inconsistencies to be factual errors. They may think: “If it didn’t happen, why is the witness saying this? Why would they make it up?” This is where our Theory of the Case is most important. After our investigation is completed, your solicitor’s medical and mental health research on the accuser is done, our brief is written and we know what is or is not admissible. We double our efforts on the Theory of the Case. Again, this provides a rational jury with the information by educating them and that they need to really understand that the allegations are false.


After establishing a tentative Theory of the Case we create a plan concerning which witnesses should be interviewed and on what issues. We also create a plan of what documents and evidence needs to be gathered. Investigations in a serious offence case are more difficult than in other areas of criminal law. The witnesses are reluctant to talk and don’t want to get involved. They have information that is relevant to the relationships between the parties and don’t realise its significance.Our investigators are trained in “People Skill” methods of interviewing. It is totally different than police interviews or interrogations.


After learning the facts and developing a cogent “Theory of the Case”, we will know if the prosecution is going to use expert witnesses against the accused (whether at trial or appeal).The expert witness plan identifies the issues that will be presented to the prosecution and the way our group of experts will deal with it. We always base our expert evidence on the research articles on the issues. Because we only deal in serious offence cases, we provide the research needed by our experts to handle the issues in your case.


We tailor your file to the law. We understand the legal issues in these cases and specifically tailor to our legal system. We litigate nationally and we work to help your Counsel (Barrister) understand the cutting edge of science and law that applies to your circumstances. The above plan is designed to help keep the prejudicial, irrelevant evidence against the accused out of their case. It is also designed to make sure that reliable, scientific defence evidence stays in.

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