Falsely Accused Abroad

Client’s who had formerly resided within the UK and had been contacted by the UK Police concerning an allegation concerning a Sexual Offence, these Clients had no idea what to do next…

David Cameron (in March 2012) pledged his support for improved protection for women from unwanted sexual harassment (which included the most serious sexual offences), by signing up to new laws tabled in the Council of Europe’s Convention on Violence Against Women. Men in Britain accused of raping or sexual assaulting women abroad could be put on trial in the UK courts.

We have a proven portfolio from Client’s we have represented on how to bring them back into the United Kingdom by liaising with the Police service concerned and by escorting those Client’s from a UK landing location or either by escorting them back from the country too which they now reside in. We have also arranged legal advise from where the Client resides abroad.

We would always suggest you wait until you have engaged an expert, with proven international experience AND who has worked on similar cases, before you speak to the Police service. You should also bear in mind Foreign law is a complex issue which needs to be managed expertly, sound legal and media strategies and diplomacy offer the best outcomes. Work with only those who have proven experience in risk mitigation.

If necessary, we can refer Clients to UK-based solicitors if their case requires it.  We have video-conferencing facilities to make “face-to-face” conferences possible no matter which country the Client is based in.

We are happy to advise you on all stages of the proceedings from potential police interviews through to the conclusions of proceedings.

Should you wish to contact us for greater detail concerning your representation from abroad we advise you either email us at Falsely Accused Ltd or you can call us anytime on Falsely Accused Ltd. We are happy to arrange a video link conference.


We also have access to experts who speak the following languages:

French, Italian, German, Finish, Turkish, Farsi, Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, Punjabi, Gujarati, Urdu, Polish.

(Should you require an expert who speaks one of the above languages, please email us first then we will arrange a call back).

Falsely Accused Ltd has outstanding expertise in serious sex cases. We only undertake defence work in sexual offence cases, including:

  • Rape, Sexual Assault and related matters
  • Child Sex Offences
  • Abuse of a Position of Trust
  • Cases where consent is in issue (or arising from the complainant’s mental disorder).

We have undertaken defence work in all manner of sexual offence cases, including serial stranger-rapes, multi-handed rapes and/or sexual torture, historic sexual abuse cases, paedophile rings, abuse, alleged or otherwise, by those in a position of trust, e.g. teachers, club leaders and care workers, and allegations against medical professionals arising from intimate contact.

It is increasingly common for sexual offence and rape trials to be brought many years after the events in question. There are particular difficulties of evidence and the risk of “abuse of process”; we have also had to pursue long and complex arguments concerning the admissibility of recorded interviews and bad character evidence concerning the defendant or the complainant.

Specialist DNA and other forensic science matters frequently play a significant part in sexual offence cases. We have a thorough understanding of all aspects of this highly technical area.

Other matters arising from sexual offence criminality, and in which we are experienced, include:

  • Human Trafficking for Sexual Purposes
  • Prostitution and Pornography Offences (including child pornography)
  • Indecent Images / Obscene Publications

It is for the above reasons Falsely Accused Ltd can assist in obtaining the right representation if a loved one has been falsely accused either in the United Kingdom or abroad.

We are happy to advise you on all stages of the proceedings from potential service police interviews through to the conclusions of proceedings.

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